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Setsiri Silapasuwanchai

Setsiri Silapasuwanchai

Lardkrabang, Bangkok


My name is Setsiri. I graduated from Chiang Mai University's Faculty of Fine Art and Photography in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Since 1995, I have worked with famous magazines in Thailand, holding positions such as chief photographer and fashion photographer. In 2005, I began doing freelance photography work with many advertising agencies. In 2009, I made the decision to work by myself, to be my own boss and do the job that I love. Today I am a fine art photographer and artist, creating digital art to sell online. I hope you like my art and continue to visit my website. Thank you for your support.

You can buy and download my works (include the original file) with license here.

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night scenes of city


falling diamonds


sphere circuit board


colorful roses design


stars and bokeh


fiber optics and circuit board


northern lights


world map painting


light bulb and splash water


colorful gems


drops of wine in wine glasses


water and oil


abstract of circle


cloud and sky at night


city in twilight


maths formula on chalkboard


abstract city


circle of life


brilliant diamond


dancing lights


brilliant cut diamond


dramatic scene of sunset on the beach


sunset at Mae Khong river


Sea of clouds on sunrise with ray lighting


colorful painting of hands number 0-5